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These calls are an awesome addition to anybody’s call collection, so collecting or calling they are awesome!

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“Back to School”


Standards 1 -5 is for Cats

High school is 5-10 for Jackals

Yes! Don’t laugh! Its true, could not be truer! Think about it, hey after all I wrote this to have a little fun within the serious parts! We can’t go to High school without seeing Junior first! Learning how to walk before we can run so to speak.

“Standard 10 Dogs called with Foxpro Fury caller" 

It’s basically a back to school business when you start to learn how to call predators. To learn how to hunt what, and at what level or stage, it’s just like school! Well, for the first part in junior school we learn or must learn about cats, they are elusive and take more patience to call in than a dog (jackal). This is not to teach you how to call cats and dogs but just to have a friendly chat about understanding the different levels of schooling here that will effect you at some stage.

To learn about how to call go to this 10 part series on my site – its marked in RED


Lynx called with my hand caller – (1998)

Here we need to know that it’s FAR EASIER to call cats with standard squeaky distress sounds, as we DON’T have a year cycle to go according to, and that food sounds will be answered all year and sounds that sound very mouth watering. For an excellent cat article on my site go here -

 and also here, this one takes a while to download.

and here for a course in red.

Now, I have found at best a squeaky sounding call, bird sounding and just plain small and mouth watering will do, and for cats we need PLENTY patience, and always wait an hour for cats, also to call near cover. READ my article above on how to call cats, it’s worth it!

Wildcat – Groukat; called by me back in 1997.

Do you own a Foxpro? No? Well, if you can BUY ONE! It’s worth the money, drop these guys a line and ask for a FX3 or Fury. You won’t get better. See them here on my site

For sounds on a Foxpro for cats get these;

1.     Luscious Lips

2.     Flying Squirrel

3.     Crazy Critter

4.     Scrub Hare

5.     Springhare Distress

6.     Chirping Coaxer

7.     Shore Bird

8.     Nutty Nuthead

The first 4 in the list have killed many cats for me including dogs. The sounds are clean sounds without distortion. Just tell them at Foxpro to load Gary’s sounds - they will know what to do. All in all cats are dumb, that’s why they are caught in cages, BUT read my articles above for all about calling cats.


Next we get to the Canines with education, wiser dogs and dogs that require degrees to hunt them. This is also dependable on the areas hunted, example if you call Namibia those jackal or Natal jackal CANNOT compare to Karoo jakkalse, they are far apart in the intelligence department. To call and shoot 120 jackal in a month in Natal is not hard to do at all, I personally called in Natal on 2 different times of the year, in my two times, we hunted 3 nights each, and in 6 nights we managed to call and shoot 56 jackal, our best night we called and shot 17. This is facts and not just words, hunting jackals in Natal is child’s play, like taking candy from him, it is dead easy – they are far less intelligent than Karoo jackals.


Now, this canine we may even need more than standard 10, may require a university degree also !!!

Standard 5 would be Natal / Namibian /  Jackals

And Std 10 and also to some a University degree required for the Karoo Jackals ( moer slim!)

My friend Dries, with a jackal he called on a hunt with us, he set up over a grass field before rain, called with a Foxpro on Lightning jack distress and dropped this dog after 10 minutes at 80m. This was in an area other hunters called nothing and they used sounds that everybody had! Sounds Dries used were different, this jackal was interested as she had never heard that sound before- and sadly she won’t hear another sound again anyway


The jackal, what more can we say, I think more conversation around farm fires goes to the jackal than anything else! In SA we get two kinds of jackals, easy to call ones in Natal and also near Vrystaat, these CANNOT compare with Karoo Jackals, never ever. The Karoo Jackal is far wiser than other areas. This is why most people hunting Natal / Namibia and Vrystaat shoot so many; they will never shoot as many in the Karoo areas. I knew a guy who shot 120 jackals in a month in Natal; he even admitted he cannot handle the Karoo, in his own words “it’s too difficult”.

For the general Jackal we need to know the cycle and how to match it, what sounds to use at what time of year and what NOT to use. How to set up a stand and in what area first, the moon and what stage to hunt over a moon cycle etc; Simply said, cats and dogs are very different to hunt. See more here


SECRET SOUNDS and market sounds.

Thousands of sounds are available from many people, many claiming that their sounds are better, many people buy it, many people have cd’s and cause more damage with them not knowing how to hunt properly than people doing good! To many Jackal, they have heard all the normal sounds available on the market, the sounds many people have no longer work, as the sounds are to well known in the night by educated animals. Many jackal hunters have their own sounds, which they use and have taped them themselves, I also have a couple that I use for my own use, and don’t sell them. I digitally recorded them on a system while out at night, from wounded jackals to other types of chatter. Most of these work most times I use them. Record your own sounds, its far better. I have one sound I recorded outside a den, a male jackal very aggressive and wanting to fight with another jackal. I taped it while on holiday at a game park. Man that sound works, it kills many many jackals in the Karoo, and I kill mainly males with that sound, I have a crying jackal, it is a killer, in Kuruman in February 2009, I called over 10 jackal in 2 hours, all to that crying jackal mixed with Lightning Jack from Foxpro.


BUT if I call in the Karoo I will not easily call so many especially with sounds played by hundreds of hunters etc, I will however do better with my own sounds.

Other sounds I use with success is a jackal that’s barking at something in a tree, and another that’s wounded, all personally taped sounds, sounds no jackal has heard other than with me in the Karoo.

We must understand the differences of the two predators and what music to use to lure them in, and know the differences in intelligence of the two predators. Jackals are definitely high school material !!!!!!!!!!!!!


All contents copyright 2008. African Predator.