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Called many times – NO LUCK ???????????

Is this you??  -   “Man, I have been out many times, and called many times, blown a hand call or so, BUT no luck!!” If this is you then read on.

Does this sound like you???  Here is maybe what you are doing wrong, it can be many things but this is the most likely things that attribute to you and calling nothing.

Not a pretty picture for a bunny hugger, but these dogs won’t eat anymore bunnies

(or sheep and game) that’s for sure!

I called with a guy a few years ago, my success with this guy was ZERO, we lasted as partners for just 1 month, which was already toooooooooo much, here are a few things he did wrong. NO bakkie camo, white bakkie, no wind selection, wrong colour lens, no patience, wrong sounds, his equipment was all held with ductape, he had reflectors on his Foxpro in the bush, and he could not identify at night.


This was taken in Willowmore, checking a zero with a cold barrel the day of a night hunt. Sako 223. After a day of travel it is always good to check a zero, it could mean lost fur!

Make sure your rifle shoots its first shot spot on with a cold barrel, don’t bother shooting groups with a warm barrel, that means nothing, at night you will shoot one shot with a cold barrel.

So, here is a list of a few things you need to do to have success.

  1. Hunt cats on NO MOON nights, Best is from 7 days before new moon till 3 days after new moon and also on overcast nights or after or before rain. Use squeaky sounds for the cats and wait at least an hour for a cat and hunt near cover – see more here WAIT FOR IT TO DOWNLOAD and also another here

  1. ALWAYS use camouflage and cover your truck, no matter what, always do it, the more you use camo the better and DON’T USE BLACK AT NIGHT!!!!! It stands out in the bush or Karoo and know your location and how to set up!! See here

  1. Know what sounds are used and at what times, se this article PART 5 of my course

  1. Never put reflectors on an electronic caller if placed away from you, when you use a light it lights up that area and can spook an incoming predator,

  1. NEVER place the electronic caller to far away, as incoming predators look at that sound, you WONT see his eyes if he isn’t looking at you, this way you will NEVER see a cat as they are low and move slow ( most times).

  1. Use tried and tested applications, USE RED lights at night, Don’t use blue or orange etc, use RED! Stick to the basics.

  1. Have a lot of patience, for cats wait an hour or more, for jackal wait 35 minutes easily, after calling and you get nothing sit still and just wait and watch with a red light, sometimes they come in afterwards on their own.

  1. Make sure all your equipment is done properly, use proper wires, clips, greased swivel chair, DON’T use tape all over the place, charge battery etc, and make sure your equipment is GOOD!!!!!

  1. Watch the wind if calling jackal, for cats its no bother, watch downwind, try light up in that area more often, after he comes in, put off electronic, make a kissing sound with your lips, he will stop and look at you, then kill him! Be able to shoot to kill at up to 120m at night for predators, jackal wont stand still long, cats will stand still for a LONG time.... unless he blinks often, then your lights to strong and he may turn and leave soon.

  1. If you use a hand call make sure you know how to blow it for effective sounds, use a closed reeded call if you are a novice, and an open one if you are used to a hand caller.

  1. If they answer but don’t come in - read this

  1. Make sure your truck doesn’t smell of diesel or petrol, make sure all stones and mess is swept out at the back, don’t make any noise and open papers while calling, be dead quiet.

PLEASE REMEMBER – DON’T LITTER if you hunt somebody’s land – I was told recently about a hunter who called in an area of Willowmore, This hunter / caller liked throwing down all his empty cans of lemon cool drink at various places that he called; The farmer was very pissed off! It ruins other hunter’s chances and gives predator callers a bad name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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