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Camouflage Collection for Sale / 2008

This is part of my personal camouflage collection, 99% of this is in new condition as I simply collect to collect and not to wear, my personal camouflage that I wear on hunts is not included here; these are various camouflage pieces that I have doubles of and I am selling them.

PLEASE NOTE: I am not selling them piece by piece, I am only selling the collection as a lot, the purchaser takes the bulk amount, if I sell pieces I will be left with things and parts that nobody wants. So I will only sell it as a lot.

WANTED : If you have in new condition, not faded or broken any SAP camouflage/ Koevoet apparel I am interested in purchasing that, I collect that in a big way as it is great to use in the Karoo. So, if you have any don’t hesitate to call me! I only look at clothing in 100% condition.
Please don’t send me mails asking to purchase one or two pieces, I will not show an interest in that, I have given all apparel good prices and my prices are all realistic for what the apparel would cost you if imported. A simple genuine USA desert 6 colour choc chip camo set with 8 sided  cap would cost you close to R2000 to import as an example into South Africa, this is one set in the list below, and it has been discounted drastically. Of course if you are a buyer from the UK or America you will score as our currency is weak against foreign currency. Dollar and POUND is always strong against our currency.

Here is the list as best as I can describe it in brief detail.

German Flectarn camo carry bag, medium size, brand new, military issue, two straps,

German Flectarn camo, small ammunition carry bag, brand new, waterproof with clothing clips.

German Flectarn hood with flaps and wool, used in winter (looks like snoopy the dog wears)

German Flectarn camo tanker overall size medium, strong camo material, amazing
Karoo camo

Reproduction SA style Karoo camouflage bomber jacket, shirt, and T Shirt, all brand new

Mossy Oak Full Foilage green leaf camo, pants and shirt, size extra large

Mossy Oak break up short sleeve T Shirt new with tags

Seclusion green camouflage long sleeve shirt brand new, never worn size extra large

Realtree Hardwoods green, long sleeve shirt, brand new never worn

Namibian military camouflage jacket, 2006 edition – brown and Khaki camo

Advantage Timber Realtree Bibs size extra large, 80% of original colours, 100% condition

Iraq USA desert (2007 edition) battle jacket, (GENUINE) 3 colours not 6

Dutch bomber jacket, liner, in hood, waterproof, thick jacket, can lengthen arms
(fantastic piece)

Natgear bibs, wool for winter, brand new, extra large, with insulated Natgear gloves

Natgear T Shirt short sleeve brand new

USA desert 6 choc chip camo pattern & 8 sided cap, set (GENUINE) – new - see photo above

USA marines WOODLAND shirt and pants rip stop (GENUINE) with 8 sided cap

USA Digital green pixel camo (GENUINE) with bonnie hat rip stop (2007 edition).

USA military Tiger Stripe Vietnam style, excellent condition, EXTRA LARGE, pants / jacket

USA military MEDUIM Tiger Stripe, top & bottom. Very warm fabric.

Afghanistan desert camo, top and bottom, very hard wearing material, lovely camo

Dutch camo extra large shirt, as new, lovely material

Seclusion insulated bibs, size extra large, very warm, and brand new FANTASTIC STUFF!

Dutch shirt and pants extra large, adjustable, warm camo

Grass Mossy oak camo raincoat, extra large, complete suit

Various caps, camouflage, mostly Realtree, Cabelas, Mossy Oak about 20 in total.

Around 200 cloth and metal firearm related patches etc, very nice collection indeed


This collection is part of a huge collection that I have in South Africa, as mentioned previously, I have worked out what it would cost to buy these items in USA or Europe and import them here, and with postage it is very high, I have worked realistic prices per item and come to a figure, that figure I have discounted again.
I am prepared to sell this collection at a price of R17, 000, 00 in South Africa, if you need a price for a buyer in England it would be close to 1,300 POUNDS, or in Dollar close to $2, 360, 41. This is just an idea, I would have to get you the exact price if international queries, as our currency in South Africa changes every day.
Have a look over the list, if you need a photo of anything specific drop me a mail and we can send you a few pictures.
I am not negotiable on this price as I know what the clothing is worth, especially to South African buyers as these items cannot be bought in a shop in South Africa, so all exotic camouflage must be imported. Personally; if I don’t sell this part of the collection it will not worry me as I love collecting more and more every day. I am simply advertising this as I have many doubles.
If you need anymore information drop me a line here or call me on 0824853885. Gary Laubscher (Proprietor Feather & Fur VHT/ Game Calls)
Camouflage Netting WANTED!  Urgently required, camouflage netting.  Camo netting is available at Alnet at R50 for a kilogram bag full! It’s a bargain, but I need huge nets, whatever you have call me! I am always looking!!!
WANTED : If you have any of this particular camouflage in your possession that you want to sell or dispose of please give me a call, I am always looking for this camouflage, it is SAP style camo, and excellent for our Karoo conditions

The photo with the client and myself below shows the SAP camouflage in a better light, if you have any of this apparel please call me if you want to sell it.


All contents copyright 2008. African Predator.