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Charged or Not???

You no doubt wonder about your digital electronic callers - and going out calling, if they are charged or not. Well here is a simple explanation as to how you can check and learn quickly from this article - especially if you are not mechanically minded.

Here is my 12V charger, penlight charger and metre etc.

What to buy is the question for accurate readings. So - what you need is a few simple tools and these are as follows.

A battery charger for re chargable penlights for your Foxpro or whatever caller you use.
A batter charger in 12V that charges small batteries at about 1-4 amps
A metre that gives a digital read out of what reading your battery is charged at.

I use a small 12V battery on my shooting chair and the battery must be well charged for an evening hunt. AVOID using a charger on FAST CHARGE, rather use a normal option, it charges slowly and is a far better choice.


I have a good unit, it is available at car spares shops, it’s a STADIUM 4, Cost R180-00 it’s a 4 amp charger and has a normal charge rate as well as a RAPID charger mode – (AVOID THIS SETTING). It comes with two nice clamps to apply to terminals, some chargers have crap clamps, and these models come with better clamps period.

The unit is in a nice strong container with an amp reader. Mine stays on 1 amp as it charges, giving me a nice slow charge. TAKE NOTE, if your normal 1 amp charger takes 9 hours to charge a 12V battery, this will do it 4 times faster as it’s a 4 amp. So allow about 4 hours to charge your battery. I give my battery 4 hours with this charger all the time. I leave my batteries ALL fully charged, they last years longer, otherwise the cells go dead. Small 12V batteries are not acid based they are gel battery types, meaning you can let them lie down on their sides; it has no liquid to run out. You can even mount them upside down if you really want to!

My reading on my metre is a full charge rated at 13, 01. This is a good charge, and allows me about 6 stands of 20 minutes at each stand, that’s equal to a good few hours hunting at night. It shows at 13, 01 on my metre.


I bought a DT830B Digital Multimetre. Available at car spares shops, Cost R40-00. It has a 3 digit reader and is very accurate with readings; I have checked it against other top makes. To operate for our small volumes, turn dial to left, and set on 20. in the DCV box.

For a PENLIGHT battery, (AA) I would personally say after you charge it and it reads 1, 35 and more that’s excellent. Remember if you charge a battery and it says 1,45 trust me, if you look again after half an hour it will be about 1,38 as it settles after a long charge. BUT these are excellent readings for a rechargeable penlight USED IN FOXPROS. Some guys tell me they only get a 1, 2 reading, but I always get a 1, 44-9 reading.

For a AAA battery a reading of 1, 45 is pretty normal for me, and a excellent charge. I have Cass Creek callers and two way radios that use AAA, my charger the GRANDCELL charges all sizes.

My 9V battery on a full charge says it’s around 10, 01


I have a charger I bought at a local Pick n Pay store. It is a GRANDCELL NiMH Battery Charger. Charges both AA and AAA. I have had other makes, and they never lasted long, this one is by far the best charger I have ever owned. I use and charge Grandcell and also GP1800 / 2000’s in it. Both batteries are good and hold charges very well – they show 1, 45 charge rates as a normal charge. This is after about 3 hours charging.

This is just a small article to illustrate charges and what readings you can or should get.


To ensure your battery/s have a extra lifespan ALWAYS keep them fully charged, sort of like your car, if you don’t check that fluid and the cell dries it will die on you, so make sure to check the battery is charged, charge it twice a month.

I can also say this, it works for me, I can listen to my battery held close to my ear, I can tell if its charged by listening to it – as I said these small 12V battery’s are GEL battery’s they have NO liquid that can ooze out, after you start to charge them listen in about 10 minutes time, it will sound like a kettle boiling inside, it will get louder and louder, after about 3 hours it will start to quieten down with a 4Amp charger, when you can hardly hear it “boiling” that’s about all charged.

Also take note, when using the light at night, remember to save power, make it last, don’t have it on to long scan once or twice, and put off. Start lighting more downwind, and try work to this pattern;

Start hunt light around you in case a predator is walking nearby, scan once, and put it off.

Start calling, after 30 seconds put on and scan in circle, put off, wait 30 seconds, call again and after 30 seconds put on light again. This will give you at minutes of not much power used at all.

This is my routine, has worked for me for years, also remember if you call and a dog answers, and he keeps barking and coming closer, don’t put on light, wait till you think he is close enough, put on light for the first time and “klap” him!

With a Foxpro electronic make sure to open the gate on the side while charging through the port on the machine.

I hope this simple but informative article can help you, I decided to write it for my site as many guys ask me about this very topic.

Happy calling – may you have sufficient light!

Here are some items that you may just need?

Do you need a red light to hunt at night? Contact me directly at 0824853885

Want Jackal / Rooikat electronic callers? Contact me or order from Joe at  See my site for more info

How about a shooting chair? It fits the red light above, need one?
Call me at 082 485 3885 - We have had ONLY good reports on this


Game calls? Every hunter needs one of these.


These are DOA game calls, excellent calls.
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He can make a call to personally suit you.
He makes really classic calls, I personally use
his open reed wounded jackal caller
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