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California - USA / Predator Club Reference (PDF)

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These calls are an awesome addition to anybody’s call collection, so collecting or calling they are awesome!

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“Feather & Fur’s latest digital electronic caller set up” – NEW FOR 2008



        Easy to assemble and put together

        Very small and compact

        Amplifier has volume control and extra speaker

        Amplifier has built in battery area

        NO MORE using the trucks battery for calling with large electronics – this is simply better!

        Digital electronic with MP3 / comes with MP3 battery

        Software provided for loading extra sounds

        Amplifer uses a 9V battery and you can purchase re chargables if you want extra life

        Standard 9V supplied

        Package includes extra CD’s with sounds

        Speaker is specially designed and customised in the Feather & Fur workshop

        Cone speaker is a genuine 15W with short lead to be next to you

        Package comes with patch cables for speaker and amplifier – nice and compact

        This system is very light and can be stored away in small areas

        Latest technology in a small but loud package

This amplifier has a volume control on the side of the unit, for the best clarity without distortion what I personally do is I turn up the mp3’s volume to three quarter, then I turn on the amplifier and regulate the sound so that its not distorted.

The range of the amplifier with the built in speaker is 500 yards at night, with the extra speaker supplied it will give you easily 950 metres at night, with a slight wind another 150 metres. Remember the sound goes behind you as well and an extra 300 metres can be added, so from behind you to in front it will cover easily 1200m at night in a complete circle. It is by now means low volume and without extra large battery’s its a dream to use. Remember predators can
hear a sound at much greater distances than we can!

You can connect you cd player to this unit with no trouble at all, or download all your cds to play on the MP-3. All the software is provided. Once you get used to this system you wont want to change. It has a short speaker lead so the sound is near you so the predator looks at the sound source and in your direction so you see its eyes, if he looks in other directions you wont see eye reflection at all, this is why the lead is shorter.

Parts are all imported. As you will see on the website we offer no warranty on electronics or shooting stools. See more of our products here at

Gary Laubscher 0824853885
Feather & Fur VHT / Game Calls

"I personally use this system myself, I don't just sell it! You can see my shooting chair anytime, I have it permanently connected." G Laubscher



After reading your course CD i decided on using the following tactic: Call VERY soft at first, for a couple of minutes, turn volume up a tag, and call for +- 20 to 30 minutes, still nothing, i move to next spot. This way i covered about four spots in 2 and a half hours. At my first spot i managed to convince an owl who swerved away at about ten paces, and i knew i was doing something right. Turnes out i had me a winning combo. Setup works well, but i made the mistake of wanting to turn it up too loud, i think that caused my sound to distort and echo. No problem with the unit though, real value for money

----- Original Message -----  

From: Sandra Ellis

To: Albert Combrink

Sent: Monday, November 12, 2007 7:52 PM

Subject: Re: First Predator

Hi Gary

Just to let you know, i called in my first predator over the weekend, I haven`t been able to go out very often for a while because i was studying. But i finally got one!!! It was my last stand for the night, called it in after about ten minutes, closed in from +- 250m to about 20m in less than 5 minutes. Killed it with a single shot from my .22LR. Attached is a pic. Thanks for all the help and extra sounds.

Albert Combrink

Eastern Cape

Hi Albert

I have reports that the guys say they called in eyes from as far as 400 yards away with that amp, so going behind you the sound goes also, so it gets easy 800-900 metres, whats your thoughts on that system???. Here it is on my chair, I use it often also!   I designed it and use it also! I stand by my products!



This is my personal new edition electronic caller, mounted to my chair, it has the MP3 with jackal sound, goes into the amplifier, I set volume on MP3 at three quarter, then I regulate ONLY the volume on the amplifier as I call with my hand, this system is clear, loud and effective. As the chair turns so to does that sound from a distance so its even more realistic.

I personally ALWAYS have this system on my chair, so if my Foxpro battery goes dead I can use this, as a back up, but many times use this first as I like this system.

This system is mounted in front of me and easy to operate, all in all a good reliable system that works! Its a small system but GREAT


Reference :

Goeie dag Gary

Net om jou te laat weet, ek het die naweek vir die eerste keer in `n baie lang tyd weer ongediertes gaan jag. By die tweede staanplek na sowat 5 minute se roep met steenbok geluide het ek `n oog gesien, en sowat 5 minute later my eerste Rooikat agter op die bakkie gelaai. Ek gebruik steeds dieselfde toestel maar is net baie meer vertroud met dit. I am still using the same system you sent me with the speaker, amplifier and mp3 player but now am just far more confident with it.


Albert Combrink



Goeie dag Gary

Lekker groot Wildekat geskiet noudie-aand (+- 45 min geroep met steenbok klanke toe sit en hou hy my dop van die kranse agter my) , steeds met selfde toestel (ek glo nie ek sal ooit `n ander een koop nie!!!). Foto ook aangeheg, jammer vir slegte kwaliteit (selfoon in die donker)


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