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California - USA / Predator Club Reference (PDF)

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Cat Killers!

These calls are an awesome addition to anybody’s call collection, so collecting or calling they are awesome!

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Jackal Hunting Forum  + Website


Well, to be straight, NO WAYS! I will never start up a website with a forum, firstly I have no time left in a day to have to bother with moderating such a line, and it is a time consuming addition to a website.


I have a professional website as it is, totally unmatched in design, concept and content in South Africa, it is a working site and because of its appearance it gets me good weekly hits and feedback. I wish I could publish all the public remarks about my site, but I will run out of space, I get over 3-5 compliments on my site a week, especially because of the page called PREDATOR CALLING INFO.


What sets my site apart from many is I don’t hold back and I reveal secrets, I see no need to hold back at all.


But as far as a FORUM, NO SIR! I wont let other people sign up and become members on my sites FORUM and see all the bickering, bitching, back stabbing and just plain  personal attacks on each other as we do see so often on FORUMS. Also most the people who are members on these forums are people with nothing else to do with their time so answer and chat to everybody about things they don’t know anything about. I have a reputation and a good name in S Africa with predation control, and I won’t allow others to abuse my space. I am not saying everybody on forums is like this, but many are, I have first hand experience on this topic, so I rather keep my website in good order.

No doubt, I KNOW it would give my site more exposure, but with the hits I am getting and how my website has performed these last 5 years I see no need to boost exposure, I have been involved in predators since 1984, and have good customers, and other methods of advertising.

So, you WON’T see a FORUM on my site with members fighting with each other any time soon, what makes me sometimes chuckle, is many people on forums ask the dumbest of questions, and some ask such stupid stuff I am surprised others even bother to answer them!

Here is a typical dumb question; What is the advantage over an electronic caller compared to a hand caller?  MAN!!! Now this is a real brain teaser! And the incredible part is others actually answer this guy!

I am proud of my website, it has taken months to build up, so that it gives viewers all the info they will ever need, and I am not prepared to let it become a “public debate site “– I have put far to much into my site, a website design and how it looks has 99% of the power to make a sale or not, if you look at a site and its crappy, you wont buy a pair of socks on it! – looking at my website it speaks for itself.

Here is one from today as example; I had an article in the newspaper and this man said the following, if you think its crap I will give you his number also! Dated 12-2-2009.

Was in the newspaper called DIE VOLKSBLAD.

Gary, man where can I get that course you have on your site to learn from, I have never ever seen such a site before with such info and footage. I have looked forever and now I have seen your website, it is amazing! I want the two learning DVD’s please……..etc etc…..

Boete Van Der Wat --

I strive to offer good service, and won’t let my website become a public debate and a ground for others to get into all sorts of horrible attacks and insinuations.

Happy calling!


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