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These calls are an awesome addition to anybody’s call collection, so collecting or calling they are awesome!

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Foxpro ZR/FX3/FX5
Jackal / Lynx Control
“An easier and far simpler option"

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“  Predation Eradication at its finest! Foxpro ZR 2 & FX 3 ”

Tired of going out at night with large and bulky electronic callers? Using units with wires, separate amplifiers with one or two lose speakers? How about a battery? just another big extra item, is this you? Well are you tired of it?

How about the sounds you play, are they on CD? So you then require more space to put all these components, what a hassle, ever wondered if their indeed isn’t an easier option????? What if I told you that you can enjoy your next hunt without any of these extras, what if I told you within 5 days +- you will receive your caller via the post?

When I began my hunting and concentrated on calling I had a few simple calls I used, I think I scared most of the predators to death with my calls, or they died of muscle cramps as they laughed so much on the hill tops at the sounds I attempted to make, then I became clever and more educated, and while my friends were in bars at night I was out calling. I had plenty success over the years, till I found out that after many years of calling that my ears rung afterwards badly from open reeded calls and I developed headaches.

I then concentrated upon electronics, and from my plant I started manufacturing electronic callers as well as hand calls for the public. My main electronic is a digital 100W unit with 15W speaker and works via digital MP3 sounds. See these on my website under PRICES at and in all the years I have produced these I have never had complaints.

That was when we had to rely upon wires, and many separate parts, it was nice in the day when we arrive at a spot, its light and we can see, but after a hunt, rolling up wires etc in the dark and then to put them out again at another spot afterwards is a bind, also a tiring event. So to many hunters they like what we call SIMPLICITY! So, if you are like me and also get tired of wires etc, and want advanced equipment read on. But I must say the local product is by no means a goner, its cheaper and most of the time more affordable to the SA public.

So now we enter the new age of electronic callers, the age of SIMPLICITY and COMPACTABILITY!  It’s called FOXPRO or should I say FOXPROability.  These units are the world’s best game callers. Going on the internet and searching you will notice they are mentioned everywhere.  The units come in various models the same way in that motor cars come, a basic unit, a more advanced unit and a top of the range unit. The Foxpro range is simply amazing, and offers the callers many options and no matter your financial position they cater for almost everybody.


You make a decision what model you want, then listen to the SOUND library at the website and write down all the code numbers next to the sounds you like. Then you tell them the numbers you want, they load it and send the unit all loaded with sounds to you. The sounds are crystal clear. Call me for a demo if you need to. I have an African package on my units, if you want the sounds I have just ask them to load them for you, it will make life easier.   This photo depicts my FX3 sounds; the unit takes 32 on the remote. You can choose between camouflage and black, also if you see the site you can view extra things if you want them like other units, carry bags, hats or shirts etc.

This was my fastest called jackal ever, took just 30 seconds, after I checked the area with red light, I let out a challenge call 3 times, after 20 seconds this dog barked at us 30 metres away, I put on the red light in the direction of the bark and we terminated him a few seconds later, 30 seconds maximum. Called this one with my model 416B Foxpro.



The basic caller a ZR2 is a none remote unit with a single built in speaker, and takes 4 penlight battery’s that offer many hours calling action. The ZR2 has 12 sounds of your choice and has a delay switch so you can put it away from you, and after a minute it will start playing on its own. It also has a Speaker jack, so you can connect up an additional speaker; it also comes with an External Audio jack for connecting up your old cd walkman, MP3 or cassette player to. It has a standard line out jack for auxiliary power amplifiers and a low battery LED. It comes with a charge jack also to charge batteries if you use rechargeable ones.   Finally it has a RECORD function and you can record your own sounds on it later if you want to, it’s easy to record your own sounds and generally the unit is stunning and it works!  See it above in the photo on the left.


This is my hunting rig I take out often, I have a camouflage model FX3, the unit comes with 32 sounds of your choice and has a remote control, has the same features as the ZR2 except the delay switch. It has two speakers not one like the ZR2 and also has 2 amplifiers. You can  decide if you want one or two speakers to work,  The FX3 takes 8 penlights not 4 like the ZR2, and again I use rechargeable ones so that’s not a problem. The keypad lights up red at night so it’s easy to see and the places that you must depress are large so when wearing gloves they are easy to locate. The FX3 can also be loaded with your sounds but needs a computer to do that, unlike the ZR2. BUT when you decide what sounds Foxpro must load for you chances are you won’t want to change them again anyway. The other thing I like about the FX3 is that it has a function on the remote that allows you to run more than one FX3 from the one remote, giving it surround sound.

The FX5 has the same functions as above, except it can take 200 sounds and they are displayed on the remote, so you don’t need to remember them you can read them in the light on the remote at night.  The FX3 and FX5 can also operate a moving decoy; it’s called a Jack in the box. See the website for these items.


For easy operating instructions, simply turn on the caller and put it in the location you desire. Now turn on the remote with a switch at the back of the remote ( YES a good idea) and turn the selector switch till you see the sound you want, then depress that selector switch to send sound to the caller. Simple!
Well this is very difficult to comment upon, as we all know the currency changes everyday in SA so to be accurate is impossible on any given day. Generally a ZR2 will cost about R1400-00 loaded with 12 sounds of your choice. They don’t charge to load the sounds. Units are sent UPS EXPRESS and you will receive it within 5-7 days. My last one I ordered took 5 days to get and it was delivered to my door. I look at it this way, its estimated a jackal costs the general sheep farmer R30,000 per year in stock loss, so a single Foxpro is worth every cent, its less than an eight of the money to get back the costs after you kill one jackal with it! Think about that one!

I have used these machines for a while now, I first had a 416 without remote, then a 416B with remote, now I use a ZR2 and FX3 for predation eradication, I consider them to be part of my make up when venturing outdoors to call. Knowing that when we are out calling that we have the best equipment available makes us feel far more confident than it would have been with wires and separate parts scattered all over the place, maybe I am getting old, and my tolerance level is not as good as it was, but I tell you this, once you have used these machines you will wish you had made the change earlier and also have low tolerance levels- I know I did!

For a personal quote on this, I honestly say that if you want a top class unit, one that’s got speakers, amps, batteries, and sounds all compact in a caller and you are looking for a call that will last a lifetime, then you have to look around no more. Buy a Foxpro, It’s worth every cent!

This is our advert for the promotion of Foxpro callers to now be marketed in S Africa; we at Feather & Fur are very proud of this achievement and now can offer advice and info on sales from South Africa. This advert appears in local farming magazines.

See my website here at for Foxpro information. See FoxPro’s main site here . Look over the FORUMS as well on the site, its very interesting reading. For orders contact Mike Dillon at orders are fast and totally safe, and you have the unit within a few days. You are given a tracking number and you can trace it all the way to your door or town. Other enquiries or demos call me anytime; I also have demo models in certain areas for viewing.

Also see this site for general talk and discussion on Foxpro calls and other electronics. Just click on this thread to enter the website.

Gary Laubscher 0824853885
Feather & Fur Varmint Hunting Tours/ Game calls
Since 1984


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