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These calls are an awesome addition to anybody’s call collection, so collecting or calling they are awesome!

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Foxpro XR6

FOXPRO XR6 + Remote + 16 Sounds

Shown is my personal XR6

As a professional in my trade I will honestly say that for a person wanting to spend just a few Rands and not to much the XR6 is the way to go, it will (depending on currency at that time in South Africa) will cost about R2700-00. If you had to make up a local caller you won’t match this quality.

The sounds you will need are the standard jackal sounds at Foxpro, then ask for Luscious lips, Scrub hare distress, lightning jack, dying jack, lil jack, baby rabbit, lucky bird and whatever others you like, but these are a must.

I use a XR6 when I go to the farm in Sutherland, and I have no electricity, the 4 battery’s in the XR6 last me the 4 days I am at the farm, and I never need to recharge till I go back home.

I use a FX3 and FX5 but the XR6 has a place in my hunting bag on many journeys.

The FOXPRO XR6 Features: All solid-state, no moving parts. The sounds are stored in permanent 100 year memory. No motors, belts, gears, or cogs. Completely self-contained and hand held. No sound cards, cassettes, speakers or wires to fuss with. The XR6 features dual speakers, for improved frequency response and increased volume--an industry first! One speaker is located in the front of the unit, and the other is located in the rear, and each is controlled with its own switch. YOU control whether you want the front speaker to play, the rear speaker to play, or BOTH speakers to play at the same time. You can also plug in an external speaker (offered by FOXPRO), and have all 3 speakers play at the same time. Each unit comes standard with 16 calls of your choice.

The unit features virtually UNLIMITED sound loops with 128mb of digital storage - You pick 16! Foxpro loads the calls and ships your unit. The built in USB port allows for instant download of sounds—no reader/writer necessary. The XR6 is designed to play mp3, uncompressed wav files, and fxp (FoxPro’s own proprietary file type!) for the highest quality sound ever! The XR6 also comes standard with FOXPRO's long-range TX-5LR remote control--the industry's best remote control. Features of the FX3's remote include the ability to instantly change sounds, 100 step volume control with quick step for ultra smooth transition in volume changes, a pause/mute feature, and the ability to remotely control FOXPRO's Jack-in-the-Box decoy. Other features include an external audio jack, auxiliary jack (decoy), low battery detector, and a charge jack, which will double as a plug in for an optional power pack (also offered by FOXPRO). Easy operation even with gloves. Excellent low temperature operation, down to -40 degrees. The XR6 will operate from 4AA alkaline batteries, but the optional NiMH batteries are recommended for optimum performance. And, as always, FOXPRO's XR6 is made in the USA!

In these photo’s is a Silver jackal called in with my Foxpro on a recent hunt.



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