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These calls are an awesome addition to anybody’s call collection, so collecting or calling they are awesome!

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Foxpro Scorpion

Scorpion with the SP55 extra addition speaker and its standard remote.

Well, I have been totally amazed at the size of the units and how they are getting smaller and smaller, this unit is totally amazing, and with the SP55 speaker it IS totally awesome!


Enter smaller is better! Well here is a very cool unit, it is small, and takes 100 sounds of your choice, you can load another 100 if you really want to, making it a 200 sounder!  The unit opens up to allow you to connect a USB cable to add more sounds, if you have sounds at home, you can load them to this caller.

It has a stereo two speaker connector if you want more volume, but comes standard with a built in speaker.  It has a charger jack, and also a manual on and off switch. You can select it to play just the built in speaker or the two others you can connect. (Each speaker can play a different sound)

I loaded my unit at Foxpro with some new very nice sounds, here are a few of what I have, Crazy critter, luscious lips, baby pig and LIL PIG, TO NAME A FEW, and I also loaded many of my own sounds.

The unit is small compact and very nice to pack away, I decided on the extra SP55 speaker, it’s a good size and very very loud at night. The built in speaker is good enough for calling at night and will reach out AT LEAST in a circular area around you of easily 900m. But if windy the extra larger speaker is a sure bet.

Here is what I love about this caller, you can switch it on at a distance from the remote by pushing the AUX on the remote or off by pushing the MUTE for 5 seconds. This saves lots of battery power. It takes 8 rechargeable penlights.

Scorpion shown open, it also has a sound card like a digital camera.

I preset 4 of my favourites on the remote and they start at volumes I want them to start at, also the remote burns red at night, not BLUE! So it lights up nicely and you don’t have to worry about spooking game! Also you can make that light on the remote dimmer, so it’s not so bright, simply push RECALL and P4 at the same time to dim the remote light. (This is not on the instruction sheet).

You can even make the writing bigger on the remote to read it! Simply push MUTE and VOLUME UP buttons at the same time. It is such a nice feature for people like me with bad eyes up close!

The aerial is at the back of the caller and it is never in the way. It has a lanyard on the call itself and also a hole on the top flap of the caller and bottom if you want to really secure it shut with a cable tie.

The general caller is very neat and with 100 sounds what more do you want. I have 7 jackal sounds I use and about 7 different food sounds, that’s 14 in total, the other 86 sounds are just a bonus.


Another nice feature is if you run two extra speakers you can set the remote to play a different sound from each speaker, this confuses animals, we did this in Namibia the last time, it works well.

You can make writing bigger on the remote if you can’t read small writing and you can also change the writing to show at different angles. This Scorpion is very nice indeed.

This is an idea of how I lay out my caller, and use a net to cover both just as an extra precaution. Most times I don’t use the large extra speaker. The built in one is excellent.

FoxPro’s SP55 speaker and the Scorpion, a very loud combination!

A few other points are also nice including the programming of the Remote control, just like the FX5. Simply put on the remote, push P1 until it shows on top of the lighted screen, (hold about 3 seconds). Then turn the knob at top and search for your sound, lets say no 67, when 67 is highlighted, turn up the volume that you want it to begin with when calling, then push P1 again to save the sound, then do the others also like that . I have 4 special sounds on P1, P2, P3 and P4 all ready on the touch of a button.

The manual is 22 pages long and covers everything you need to know.

The remote lights up red at night and tells you what volume your caller is 0-40, 40 is the highest volume, it has a clock to tell you how long you been calling, a battery metre to show battery life left and it shows you what sound you have, it gives a list of 6 sounds numbered 00 to 200,  and as you scan with the knob on top of the remote it goes through the sound list, you get the sound you want and then push that turning knob on top of the remote.

If you want a really classy game call, and its results you are after buy the Scorpion, it is worth it!

Gary Laubscher

The prices are about as follows;    (Depends on the Rand against the Dollar)

Foxpro XR6 with 16 sounds + remote R2700-00

Foxpro ZR2 with 12 sounds + NO remote R1500-00

Foxpro FX3 with 32 sounds + remote R3500-00

***Foxpro FX5 with 50 sounds with remote R4500-00

Scorpion with 100 sounds + remote R3700-00


***The FX5 comes with 50 sounds but can take 200 sounds if you want to load more. If you order any of these calls tell Joe to load MY sounds for you, then you get the correct sounds. To place an order mail talk to Joe.

All these units can also take your own sounds that you want to load to the caller. It is very simple. With the ZR2 you can load your own sounds without a computer.


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