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  Click on links below to download file.

Rooikat / Lynx Calling (PDF)

California - USA / Predator Club Reference (PDF)

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International Hunts

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Cat Killers!

These calls are an awesome addition to anybody’s call collection, so collecting or calling they are awesome!

Click here to download information.


Feather & Fur Game Calls & Hunting information / 0824853885 Currency converter

Jackal barking & puppy call

Camouflage/ short & long-range


Lynx/ Wildcat & Jackal coaxer

Ideal for starting a hunt or coaxing


Predator open-reed call

Short range call (rabbit sounds)


Jackal & Lynx calling/trap DVD

New Calling and Trapping 2009 Edition


Red lens for light

Lens can fit any light


Hunting light for night hunt

Can fit on a rifle very easily


Lynx urine 500ml

Specially made for trapping cages


Goose call

Call for Egyptian goose and Kolgaans


Duck call

Call for Millard duck


Crow call

Made for Pied crows, excellent call


Buck grunt call

Made for all South African buck


Compact Disc

CD of LIVE cats


Compact Disc

CD of live crows for Pied Crows


Compact Disc

CD of how to make a cage trap - lynx


Jackal / Lynx Electronic caller

15 Watt speaker + unit


Lynx cages 1600x1600

Ideal trapping cage


CASS CREEK Electronics

Jackal & Lynx (Subject to availability)


Electronic Foxpro model FP-48

Fully suitable for our predators (STA)


Predator Novelty Coffee Bug Great Gift Idea R150-00

Camo net clothing FULL SUIT

Imported top, hood, pants and gloves


Night Riflescope 6-24x42

11 Night settings, mil dot range system etc


CD player with genuine 15W speaker

Built in amplifier


Booster box for CD walkman or MP3 player

Amp with speaker


6 CD SET , all marked for when to use what Cd at what time throughout the year


Our NEW RANGE of puppy jackal barkers has built in squeakers


Electronic build it yourself kit, all parts supplied with instructions (Speaker, wires, amplifier, etc)


2006 Personal Collector Set; 7 calling cd's for jackal and lynx. All laser engraved with the clients name and his photo on the cd's. A really personal collector set.


Feather and Fur have a 24 hour complaint policy on all goods. After any sales client has 24 hours
to lodge a complaint if needed. This excludes the electronic callers, as the purchaser could damage it and want a refund. The units are checked at the plant before shipping, by ordering one of these electronic callers you accept the terms of our policy, and the purchaser accepts that they are bought as is with no warranty given or implied. The shooting stools also carry no warranty at all.


This was made for Lynn Jacobson of Utah, USA- owner of TNT predator calls.


For the beginner to calling, all the items on this website may be confusing, and decisions hard to make as to what you will actually need.  Here is a package that a learner or novice can purchase, the basics needed, without these things you cannot carry out a successful hunt. The electronic you connect to your mp3 or cd walkman. All you will need besides this is a cover for your truck, use Hessian or camo netting – NOT shade cloth! Its black and it shines and squeaks.

  • Light with built in red lens (Can’t do anything without that!)
  • Digital electronic caller with speaker ( Plays CD, Cassette or MP3)
  • Set of 6 CD’s ( All marked - what cd to use at what time of year)
  • Jackal barker whistle ( Used November for puppy’s and also May)
  • Distress food call ( Jackal and Lynx caller) used all year
  • Cat Killer call ( Used as a coaxer but designed for calling lynx)
  • CD (10 part course on calling and the why’s and how’s

These are important things, and without these items you cannot hunt properly. Read this link for interesting info on truck cover and calling in general.

The total package without postage costs R 4,095-00 if you want to purchase the package without hand calls it will be R 3,410-00

For the novice here are some other interesting links  This is if you want a more advanced caller. This is if you want to trap cats in cages with small birds that attract cats.  This is the various courses on offer.

See the Prices section and go to the very bottom for photos of the above items. Give me a call if you have any queries. 0824853885


These prices are for South African hunters, all international enquiries will be handled separately as we offer
international guests a package over a few days

SUTHERLAND (Courses and hunts are Fri- Mon) Prices are for the full period.

Sutherland; Predator hunting, day and night hunting Friday to Monday, suppers included at R 1700-00
Sutherland ; Predator calling course, calls included + hunting day and night, supper included. R2400-00
Sutherland; Predator calling, hunting and trapping course, calls included, supper included. R2850-00

All predator hunting is done professionally, and has strict laws regarding it. You need no equipment as the guide will do all calling and lighting at night. Depending upon the weather - day calling will also be carried out.

MONTAGU: This is a Friday to Sunday, best booked in winter.

MONTAGU; Predator calling and geese and duck hunts. Self catering. Fri- Sun. R 1150-00
MONTAGU; Predator hunting, geese and duck hunts as well as predator course. Calls supplied. Fri – Sun. R1595-00
MONTAGU; Predator hunting, calling and trapping course and geese and duck hunt. Fri to Sunday. R2145-00

The minimum persons booked in are 3 from the same group, maximum is 8. Sutherland is more active and has a larger selection of predators. For geese hunts Montagu is good in winter after lots of rain. Sutherland is good for all the game year through. Sutherland is most times arranged from Cape Town, most international guests depart from Cape Town to Sutherland.

We include a set of cd’s, game calls in the price of our courses.

On interviewing clients Feather & Fur is under no obligation to accept a booking if they feel that the venue is not good enough for the party or they believe that the customer is a hazard. Feather & Fur have the final decision, and do not have to give reasons for not accepting the enquiry for a possible hunt. This stipulation is due to previous experience. All applicants are carefully screened. F&F


Our farm offers a lovely location in amoungst wild terrain of the Western Cape. The farm is nestled around big 5 country and is in a wild location, but has all the essentials that one would need for a comfortable stay.

Example; Electricity, warm water, digital communication etc.

The farm has ample predators and offers the keen caller a chance to call South Africa’s main farm stock killers. Depending upon the time of the year varminting is also conducted and baboon and Dassie (African Rock chuck) are also hunted. The farmhouse has 3 bedrooms with a large lounge and kitchen. All meals are the client’s responsibility, bring food and drinks.


Predator calling hunt; Friday to Sunday (Depart Sunday morning). The stipulations are the client uses his own truck and calling equipment; you will be required to have our professional guide with you. R1800-00. If the client has no calling equipment and requires a professional guide / caller with his equipment an additional fee is required. The fee for a guide and his equipment is R475-00.

Predator calling is conducted at night. ONLY problem animals are removed, no bat eared fox hunting is permitted, no hare, buck or other wildlife can be targeted. No hunters are permitted to hunt the farm without a guide. And a hunting licence is required in the Western Cape.


This course is conducted from the Friday to Sunday morning, and has night hunts included. The lecturer conducts a detailed course on calling and trapping and weather permitting at night the hunts are conducted. Stipulations are  the client will be required to use his truck for night hunts, and the guide will provide all equipment needed, such as calls and netting.

PRICES are from Friday to Sunday morning. For a complete course on both subjects R2800-00. All clients are screened and a final decision is reached by our panel. An enquiry for these hunts or courses does not confirm a booking. After an applicant is approved a 75% deposit is payable upfront.
We only accept 3 or more people from the same group on any hunt or course.  See our reference page for clients input, it also has their contact details. Our course can be seen under PREDATOR INFO on our main page.

Download and return to us


Professional Services for International hunters

Feather & Fur are now offering a standard special package for international hunters. The venue is in Namibia and the location is Okahanja. Home to wildlife known worldwide. If you want to feel the wild of Africa give this venue a try. You will also hunt with some of the very best guides in Namibia and also professional predator callers known by reputation.

The package we are offering consists of a predator calling package from a Friday arrival at the airport in Windhoek. You will be collected at this location and taken to a closely located guest house. Then our first hunt will be Friday night, then Saturday and Sunday. You depart back to your hometown the Monday morning, or depart for other venues etc.

Included in the price is your stay and meals, the predators as Jackal, Lynx and Wildcat are also included, also in the package we include a Springbuck AND Warthog (Vlakvark).

The price does not include taxidermy or any trophy fees etc.

You will be in the company of professional hunters and sportsmen dedicated to ethical predator removal. Your stay will be booked over perfect moon conditions as our predators are hunted at night. They are not easily called during daylight and the hunter will soon learn why black backed jackals are to many the most intelligent animal on the planet.

If you would like to also acquire other game here is a list of various other wildlife we can offer you. We accommodate bow hunting and have professional advisers regarding bow hunts.



Dassie ( Similar to Rockchuck)

$ on request





















Black Wildebeest 


Blue wildebeest




Namibian reference – David Vance USA – Virginia.

Just returned from a hunting trip to Namibia with AfricaPredator and his crew. The area just outside of Okahanja is vastly wild beyond belief.  It holds the largest cheetah population in the world within 150 kilos of the town. The general area is extremely dangerous with Lion, Cheetah, Hyena and Leopard.  AfricaPredator and I, along with François his brother, Nick, walked within 100 yards of a growling Leopard while tracking an Oryx.  Nick also had a Cheetah pass within 20 meters of him.  The walk through the bush gave me a rush like no other I have ever experienced.  I knew that danger lurked about and we were constantly on guard.  A Leopard had been spotted in the area three times within the last two days.

Results were an absolute blast, literally, more than I could have imagined.   It is a pleasure to call with professional people who know what they are doing. Watching the team work together in total darkness without even speaking, says something about precision and calling ability.  I came away with lots of education in the way it is done.  We called at night and due to the moon, our first night’s worth of calling was 2 hours before the moon made an appearance. The second night yielded about 2 1/2 hours, and the third night approximately 3 hours.  So, in total we had about 8 hours calling time.

We called in and shot 26 Jackal and a cat, but due to safety reasons of getting too far away from the truck at night, and an odd miss or two, we could only find 17 of the Jackal.  I was constantly warned of dangers in the areas and never wondered far to pick up Jackal.  In fact I never went alone to retrieve any.  That was left to Africa Predator and his crew.  On one particular hunt, we called for about 10 minutes and had 5 Jackal respond to the call, and we got all 5.  Average shooting range was about 40 to 110 yards.  In the light, it seemed a lot closer.  The Jackal seemed to trot continuously, and offered only little standing shot opportunities.  They circle downwind as coyotes do.

Our basic setup consisted of placing camo material completely around the truck.  We had more than one person manning rifles on the same dog as to cut down on escapes. Between the hunts, we socialized, drank coffee and talked on both day and night hunts.  At night, we kept the lights on around the truck.  In the wild at night, one needs to be aware of what might be lurking about.

In addition to predator hunting, I took a fine Wart Hog at an African water hole.  I used a 308 which yielded a one-shot kill.  The distance was approximately 140 yards.  The hog had very nice tusks and was a good specimen. As well, I took a very respectable Springbuck, again with the 308.  That one was taken at 280 yards.

Some other critters I hunted were Dassies and crows.  Dassies are rock chuck-like animals and are found in very rocky outcroppings.  Due to time limits, I was only able to shoot a few, but thoroughly enjoyed.  We were warned about the area where we hunted them.  A lioness and her cub had been spotted at that place just a short time before we hunted there.  So, my entire trip was full of suspense. I personally skinned the nicest Jackal taken during the trip and will have it tanned and shipped to me.  The black back on a decent Jackal is a beautiful thing, and it will make a great addition to my trophy room. 

One thing I found of interest was the fact that I was constantly drinking water, yet rarely had to go to the bathroom.  Gary commented that on the Wart Hog stand, he watched me drink about three or four bottles of water within a three hour period, and still I did not go to the bathroom.  The climate there is hot and dry at this time of year, and the body uses the water almost completely.  I was able to capture most of the hunts on film, including the night hunts.

Of other interest were termite mounds, some of which were over 8 feet tall.  All were facing North, due to the pull of gravity.  We counted 85 termite mounds within eye sight as we sat at the water hole.

The variety of animals there is astounding.  We saw several species during the hunt, and at night while calling, and on the way back to camp.  One of the most unusual critters I have ever seen is the locally named Karoo Kangaroo, but true name is Spring Hare.  This little critter looks like a rabbit’s body, hops like a Kangaroo, and has a long black tail.  That is the strangest thing I have seen.  These little animals were constantly fooling us while calling.  Many times they would come to the call and appeared to be a Jackal at first sight.  As a result, it’s important to identify the target before shooting.

This time of year is a great time to hunt in Namibia for predators.  It is Jackal breeding season (late April), and it is also lambing season for sheep, and that spells great opportunities for predators – as long as the moon is good, as it was.  The one neighbouring farm had just lost 80% of it’s live stock due to Lion, Jackal, Hyena, Cheetah and Leopard.  So, we knew we were sitting in an area with high predation numbers, and with a good location, success was basically guaranteed.

This is the finest hunt I have ever been on, with lots of shooting opportunities, not to mention the cautious nervousness of knowing I was in Lion and Leopard country.   All I can say is that I am looking forward to the day that I might be able to return.  There is nothing like it.  You owe it to yourself to try a hunt like this.  You won’t regret it.

If you require bigger more dangerous game please enquire.

PLEASE TAKE NOTE;    We do NOT market CANNED or hunting from trucks for antelope and such game, it is walk and stalk, keeping in mind that we market Namibia, and safety must be of our strictest concern due to larger predators. On booking any hunt your medical clearance must be submitted to us with any medication you are cleared to consume as well as you blood group must be marked on your pants visible to all in case of emergency.

Prices for package deal are not binding as from the time you enquired till your booking it may have increased, so you will need to confirm the prices quoted. Drop me a mail here for other information you may require. The very best times to hunt predators in April to July it’s a breeding period and a good time to call.

Price per person from Friday to Monday is $5500-00

We would need to have all relevant information regarding allergies etc before a booking is finalized. We also require a letter from your doctor confirming your good health and stating whatever medication you are subjected to.

In South Africa / Namibia our predators are under severe persecution and it is just about impossible to call them in the daylight hours, so predator hunts will be conducted at night. We use the very best hunting equipment the world can offer and we have excellent success rates.

See below for information that will need to be submitted to us.

Thank you for your enquiry – your interest in Feather & Fur is appreciated.

For references on our hunts we can provide you with names and contact details no problem.

Gary Laubscher
Feather & Fur Sole Proprietor


All contents © copyright 2008. African Predator.