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These calls are an awesome addition to anybody’s call collection, so collecting or calling they are awesome!

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Feather & Fur is proud to announce that we are able to promote in South Africa a great new range of callers and equipment sold by a company  in the USA. The products are amazing and extremely well made and very alluring to the South African market! For value for money they cannot be beaten, and they make calling and trapping a whole lot easier!
For trapping Lynx / Rooikatte these electronic units work, with no more struggling to get a cat to walk in the direction of your cage! The small electronic units will do the job; just push ‘play’ and walk away, and leave it to make its distress sounds over and over, throughout the night. A simple set and forget” set up.  For more on cage trapping see the link at the end of this article. It offers excellent tips for the cage trapper and detailed discussion.

The other model is great for jackal and lynx calling at night. The unit is also pre-loaded with distress sounds and all you do is switch it on  and let it play; no more wires, no more large batteries and loose amplifiers! This is as simple as it will ever get! The distress sounds are really good and clear, and gets the attention of curious predators. By allowing the caller to be placed next to you at night will get that predator to look in your direction for that sound source and you will see his eye reflection, if it was placed away from you in the bush you would never see the incoming animal as he would be focusing on another direction.

For any queries on items or for demonstrations, feel free to contact me, or for information on how to order I am just a phonecall away. You can view the range of callers on the website provided, and ordering is simple:  you email and authorise a credit card payment, and the unit is posted to you. You will have it in about 10 working days. Nice and easy! The company Edge Expedite International is extremely professional and has excellent customer service. Ordering is totally safe and your item will be shipped out as soon as possible, my order took just 9 days from the USA to South Africa, it goes to customs to be checked and
then to your post office. To make matters far easier for South African orders  Edge can supply you a tracking number like this EQ .........US and after 8-9 days you can call this TOLL FREE number here in South Africa 0860111502 and they will tell you were you package is and other information. Its very simple to order in this day and age, and fast also!

As you know, in South Africa the Rand to Dollar exchange rate fluctuates all the time, but generally an electronic caller will cost about R140-00 per unit. Other American electronic units will cost thousands of Rands in South Africa, but the range by Edge Expedite  is just as well made and a far more affordable alternative.  Ok, lets be fair, it may not offer all the other features callers of other companys are marketing, but for the price you are paying we must be realistic, its an extremely good alternative, for that money you cannot go wrong.

Think about what a SINGLE jackal or Lynx will cost you in a year – my estimation of that is around R30-R40,000 per year, so an investment of two or three trapping callers and a predator electronic caller is really small change in comparison. (They estimate jackals kill over 685,000 sheep a year now, costing farners over 30 million yearly)

The ideal set-up I use for trapping is a Model SKU 43106-1 Trap bait digital caller.  I have one unit for every cage I have, so if you are running two or three cages, get 3 calls at $18-99 each. For night calling I have two small electronic callers, both Model SKU 43306-5 Ultimate digital callers,  that I use together at the back and front of my truck, or I place one next to me. They are versatile and easy to use. Simply select the sound you want and turn the volume to the desired setting.

What I like about these products is that some of them can connect to a very nice decoy that looks like a real bird, and it’s excellent again for cage trapping. No doubt about it, these products have a special place in my arsenal for predator removal in Africa. Often I find working with large and bulky electronic units tedious, but these units are small and pack a good volume. Have a look around their website at and see all the lovely items on offer. If you are a keen goose or duck hunter- various models are also made just for that specific application.

Here is a small story I want to share; I went calling a month back, I had just come off medication for an illness and did not want to call with a mouth caller, my partner had my Foxpro and I was left
with a situation of “WHAT NOW”. So, if I had these units my problem would have been solved, so instead I decided to  use our personally manufactured  Signature Series Booster Box ( seen here at bottom of page) with good effect, but its larger, so these smaller units have a place in a hunters truck, no doubt about it! And at night – sounds travel further due to no heat pollution that we have in the day, so volume on a smaller caller is not that serious. I give an estimate as to range of the callers later in the article.

The one model featured in the photo at the beginning of this article is the MODELSKU 43306-5 - that’s one of my favourite callers, as it’s tiny and slips into my pocket easily. (The model with a red switch)  It has a great volume with digital distress sounds and is put next to me on the roof of the truck when calling – simple but effective! The sound it projects is really unbelievable.

If you want more detailed photos of these units, feel free to call me and I will email some pictures, or for a demonstration just give me a call. For orders without a credit card, simply get your bank to issue you a draught bank cheque in Dollars with postage included and post it to Edge Expedite at their address; don’t forget to stipulate what model you want.

Trapping and calling predators could not be easier, so take my advice, purchase a few of these callers, use them for calling and trapping, and you will see they work!  

My personal preferences for an excellent African calling and trapping set would be as follows (have a look at these models on their website):

  • SKU 43006-4 Prowler with decoy  ( +- R185-00 )
  • SKU 43106-1 Electronic trapping caller  ( +- R 117-00 )
  • SKU 43306- 5 Ultimate electronic predator caller  ( +- R195-00

These 3 units will make the ultimate calling and trapping package in South Africa.
I have a motto, “never knock it till you try it”. Go ahead – try these! You won’t be disappointed. I believe in using quality for good results and these items offer me just that. I have grown very fond of these 3 models!

Model Description

Here follows a description of the models, I would like to mention I have personally tried these on hunts and they work for the purpose they are intended. This will enable you to get an easier idea of the calls and the various sizes of the models.

SKU 43006 – 4     Prowler with bird decoy

Size:           11 cm x 7 cm x 3 cm    THIS IS THE ULTIMATE CAGE TRAP LURE
Cost:          R185-00 +-
Range:       Chirp mode will attract a predator walking by within 80 -100 metres.
Comment ; The decoy stands 13 cm high, with the stand, you can put it inside or on top of the cage trap, the bird rotates and makes a bird chirp tweety sound, typical bird sound. It will lure a cat closer to your cage set up much easier than normal. The stand has a speaker and amplifier and runs off four penlight batteries; it runs on and off all night until you switch it off. The unit can
be ordered with extra birds. BUT for general trapping a CAT WILL NOT BE ABLE TO RESIST THIS DECOY. For the money it’s worth every cent.  When I first got my decoy, I played it outside, my house cat rushed over and smacked that bird like it was going to catch it – point proven, it works! A hungry Lynx / Rooikat will not hesitate for a second to enter a well set cage to catch this bird in distress, it sounds like food, and it sure looks like food!

If you are a crow hunter, these decoys will work for crows also, I plan to try it really soon. Do you think a crow will be able to resist a small bird chirping in distress? no I think not! Put the decoy on the ground with a few leaves over the square box, and it will seem natural with the bird chirping away, the action from the crows should be mighty positive indeed.


SKU 43106 -1      Electronic trapping caller

Size:           6cm x 10cm x 2cm
Cost:          R117-00 +-
Range:       Chirp mode will enable a predator to hear it within 80-100 metres.
Comment;  Simple design without a decoy bird, just the unit on its own, ideal to place in a cage trap, any predator hearing a distress bird chirping will come in to investigate. By placing a toy bird or bunny in a cage will get results. The unit runs on 4 AAA batteries. Runs until turned off, has breaks in between sounds. 
                SKU 43306 – 5      Ultimate electronic predator caller
Size: 7cm x 7cm x 4cm
Cost: R195-00 +-
Range: Predator will hear this unit at 350 metres at night easily, possibly more.
Comment: This digital electronic caller has a built speaker and amplifier, it plays two various distress sounds, and again runs on and off. The sounds are ideal for luring in predators. The unit can also accept a moving decoy; it has a jack on the side of the unit. This caller can also be placed in a cage for cage trapping. So it’s ideal for both calling and trapping.

For cage trapping info see my site at this link

 And for predator calling info here

If you want to get a bank draught in cheque form made out, mail it to this address; including $10 per unit postage, remember to specify your SKU number that you require.

Expedite International
906 Dominion Dr
United States of America


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