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How many times have you hunted with a hunter who after 20 attempts calls and shoots NIKS! ------ I did, until I had enough, I then spoke to him and thus lost a friend, I tried to help him but he though I was being funny, BUT man after 20 hunts and shooting nothing ! n man raak gatvol!


I had a friend, he would listen to nobody, and only listened to his own voice, here are the vital mistakes he made, if he just listened to me, he would have had more success and less frustration!!!!



1) After we get onto the truck at the back and await nightfall he sits in the chair and looks around, now and again switching on a light, but turning and making movement while awaiting nightfall – BIG MISTAKE; Jackals and cats can see that movement at dusk miles away, so wait till it is dark and then climb into the chair!


2) He always parks in the sand or dust road BIG MISTAKE; Pull off the road when making a stand, again predators walk roads and know of obstacles not previously in that area.


3) He never covered his white bakkie with camo or netting, BIG MISTAKE; – it glares at night and stands out for miles.


4) He uses orange lights and also scans with white lights on moon nights, he says jackals think that the white lights is the moon and they still come in! Yeh sure! that’s why we shot fokol! BIG MISTAKE; - say no more!


5) The distress sounds he plays are long and wrong ; BIG MISTAKE;- Make sure rabbit distress sounds are short bursts with breaks in between and know a jackal year cycle if you play jackal vocal sounds.


6) When he is ready to start calling he starts to just call. BIG MISTAKE!;- ALWAYS first look in a circle with a red light and at the SAME time kiss with your lips, so in case an animal is close you will see it and see the eyes, then if you see nothing start calling softly and after looking 3 minutes then up the volume a little up and up as it gets later.


7) He places speaker away from him all the time; - BIG MISTAKE! MOERSE MISTAKE! I have hunted jackals and cats for over 20 years, my results are fantastic, exceptional in fact, and I tell you this, this speaker away from a truck is all mostly a myth, absolute bullshit. I have shot hundreds of jackals, and I tell you that 80% had no care in the world from what place that sound came, they came into the call and from 100m from me they are dead, putting a speaker in the bush – its all bullshit!!! ESPECIALLY FOR CATS, as they look at your sound source, that speaker, and if its placed away from you then you NEVER see the eyes, so place it near you.

ONLY if its open plains, my first stand or on a windmill - I place a caller 50m from me, so in case I see a predator at dusk or in the day I can let it have its attention way from me.


So, don’t place a speaker more than 25-30m from you, trust me, its all bullshit, like that moon in the sky so you must use a white light story – man wat kak! I have hunted and killed jackals for many many years, I never had to place a caller away and I shoot just fine.


Here is a point, THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of jackals have come into hand calls from hunters in South Africa, thousands of jackals have been killed this way, and you blow a caller from your bakkie, he approaches you! Not a bakkie 50-70 metres away, so facts, he will come to the sound and no matter what direction will approach you.

This jackal, approached my hand caller, wind from right to left, I called him and saw his eyes 300m away, he came into the call, he came at a typical angle BUT came right to left, NEVER worked the wind, trotted through the grass fields and that was it - at 70m he was shot. He was about 5 years old, never worked the wind at all, and believe me was not bothered about where a caller is or if its placed 30,000m from me or 200m, or if it’s a hand call or electronic rabbit call.

1)    – He plays a distress sound for 5 minutes then suddenly insists to change it to another sound, so in half an hour he plays about 4 different sounds, BIG MISTAKE! Don’t mix up calls all the time, play a distress and stick to it at least 20minutes, than change if you think another sound may work, BUT don’t keep changing, remember a Karoo night isn’t a disco! If you are hunting cats remember to keep the same sound.

2)    His chair was noisy and all his electrical connections etc held with duct tape, it was a nightmare!

I hope this helps, I remember going on hunts with this guy, driving all over the Karoo, and never klapping anything! It drove me nuts! ( The year was 1998)



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