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To start here is a secret I use often, if you see my DVD on calling you will see I discuss this often, but anyway, here is a style I use often. On a large moon ie- quarter and more I climb on top of a windmill, I then climb inside my hide and call, predators don’t look up and on a large moon I use night vision and scan with night vision with a NIGHTOWL 5 power binoculars. On a bright moon using this night vision set up I can see eyes approaching from over 300m away, I follow him in till about 100m and then switch to a dimmer on my rifle and put my red light on – it is on dim when I put it on, I then turn up power till I see his eyes ONLY, then follow him in and when I want to shoot I turn up power to see a picture and shoot – then I put it off again, I simply make a kissing sound to stop him and then shoot, before I kiss I stop the caller from playing. NOW this is me and how I call educated jackals etc, they have no idea I am around. And I am high up and after a warm day heat rises so my scent also rises up, so incoming predators can’t smell me.

The star in the picture is typically the spot I will start to kiss and stop him, then shoot with a deadrest.Don’t make a dark blind or wear dark clothes, use grey, green and browns. AVOID camo in black at all times! DON’T use shade cloth – it shines!!!

I use this system when I can’t call with a truck on big moons, then climbing a tower is fun!!! This is my layout for a typical windmill hunt. Place the electronic caller to your side and at an angle, it works – see this layout above of my calling style.

Now here is a KIT I made to use for windmill hunting, REMEMBER that you walk to a windmill; you don’t drive so ALL EQUIPMENT must be light and compact; ---- SO!!!!

Here I go, I use this style, I made a bracket that houses a very strong white torch and it gives me hours of light on a battery, they are quality DORCY lights, simply put they are one of the world’s best lights you can buy! They run on 3 AAA batteries, and I also have a laser pointer if needed to draw cats from cover, it works! Simply put that dot on the ground and a cat will break cover and chase it, giving you a shot, (AGAIN SEE MY DVD ON THIS!) then, I mounted a small 140 light force light with a funnel on the red lens. Then I can walk to a spot and have just my 12V small battery to carry and my electronic caller. Very light and compact.( See this article at the end)

Here is my rifle set up, I made this set up in my workshop in a morning, and it’s an all in one shooting rig. I also use this on my 223 rifle; it’s an amazing compact design. This I can bet upon that after many guys see this design they tooooo will copy it! Heck! Why not – it works! You can use the torch or rifle, your choice!

See my red light with funnel, laser and white light on bracket; I used an easy and simple way to mount it to that scope. The gun is my favourite BRNO 222 Fox.

As you can see here, it is mounted with 2 wing nuts, I mounted two 1” mounts for a scope upside down, then fitted a filed down long bolt inch to them both, tightened then and then put on the bracket, so now if I fit it - its simply two wing nuts, see the next photo of two inch threads mounted on an upside down set of rings.

You can clearly see them upside down. The bracket with the light is very light, it weighs hardly anything at all, and I can quickly unscrew it if I want to use the light by hand also.

The laser pointer is in a protective pipe and the white light is mounted below it and nice when I walk in the bush after a downed predator, I also have a small red filter to put over that light if I want to walk in the bush with red.

I love windmill calling, its real fun! Or use a highly elevated PLACE, EVEN A TALL LADDER – GET HEIGHT AND SIT STILL!


Here is a photo of the unit on its bracket without the rifle; it takes less than 4 – 5 seconds to take it off the rifle, all I do is before I call is to centre the red light on an object 70-100 m away so its dead straight, then I start calling with dimmer on very low, and scan with night vision then when animal approaches I swop to this combo and put on the dimmer to its low setting.

Here is the light shown with bracket from the front.


My rifle scope is a standard Simmons 2,5 -12 x 44 I never found I needed to use anything bigger in diameter – as far as I am concerned that’s all a myth of needing to use massive scopes – why? We only shoot 100m or less, I have shot predators for over 20 years, never needed massive scopes……...


The reason for designing this concept was simply because I walk about 700m to a windmill from the bakkie, I know the land so can walk in low light with a moon above me. However the first spot I am at before nightfall, it’s basically knowing how to get to the second one, BUT a small, compact, light and “workable package” was needed, so I designed this concept, but as I say it will be copied as sure as Dollars to Donuts! It is real small and light in weight and easily transported. I used a hand held light for my rifle as sometimes a friend goes with and he holds the torch to scan.

If you see my calling DVD you will hear me discuss this windmill calling / hunting, it is awesome, and my last hunt in November 2008 I called and shot 5 Rooijakkalse in 3 hours from atop two different windmills, all you need to have is a low flat dead rest to shoot over, and keep your equipment to a few things, this is why I made this bracket with a small 140 red light, not a big 170 rifle mounted light force, this is perfect.



       Rifle with bracket.

       In haversack I put a small battery for rifle light

       Electronic caller and few hand calls

       Spare small red/ white torch + AAA extras

       Night vision binoculars / 2 way radio / Cell phone


       EXTRA warm clothing

Done!!! Not much to carry at all.



With night vision, and hunting on a full moon remember to try keep the moon behind you, as looking direct into the way of the moon will obscure the night vision image, try face downwind and with the moon at your back, this is not always possible but try, also remember to not move to much as you will make a long shadow from on top of the windmill, so keep still.



                                              ( SPARE SMALL HUNTING KIT)


Here are “MAJOR” factors with regards to Windmill hunting; this is the ultimate hunting style, after many jackal and cat calling years, this is the very best style I have yet tried! I will be honest, it is a new style to me, BUT on every attempt I have klapped a dog using it! I have hunted like this since 2007, and will forever!!!!!



  1. Sitting on top of the windmill you can see down- if you are hunting areas with little open spaces, if you cant get to it with a truck then sitting high is the answer


  1. Your scent is lifted into the air as hot air rises after a warm day, jackals cant smell you from any direction, chances are very slim indeed.


  1. If you use a Foxpro Scorpion you can switch the caller power off and on at a distance so you DON’T have to get down to turn it off between stands to save battery power!


  1. You have no diesel and other bakkie smells, very clean hunting area.


  1. I personally spray urine from a bottle into the air around me from on top of the windmill; it helps to attract predators after it settles.


  1. The structure of that windmill is a natural obstacle, and predators don’t suspect it at all, it is on that farm everyday in the same place.


  1. Predators don’t look up.


  1. If the windmill has a nice water catchment area better still, it NATURALLY lures predators to come drink your way!


  1. You can hunt with ANY MOON condition!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. On full moon or smaller use night vision to scan and then switch to a dimmed red light to shoot, don’t use red to scan with, just night vision.


  1. No moon again try night vision but also use normal red lights


  1. Caller placement is best slightly behind you and about 60-80 metres to your side


  1. Keep moon behind you if possible, and watch downwind if possible


  1. ALWAYS know from what area the moon with come over the mountains if using a moon that will come out while you are calling, otherwise you can see it in the sky before you call so that’s easy to plan for.


  1. Don’t move to much as from above you will cast a long shadow.


  1. After 35 minutes switch off the electronic caller and just scan with NV or red light now and again and observe. Remember what I said here about a jackal with a built in GPS!!!

Here is part of what I said in the above link!

A JACKAL HAS A GPS in his HEAD! It is mounted in his brain! He can upon hearing your calling sound, he can from a distance pin point your location and move in to you at long range and after you have stopped calling he can still find your exact location you called from, I have proven this many times, he can use his GPS in his brain and find you easily! I am not talking rubbish here it’s a fact


  1. Be relaxed, chill and don’t fidget.


  1. Sit still and just observe your calling area, trust me predators can pin point your EXACT location LONG after you stop calling.


  1. If the wind is blowing slightly allow that mill to turn, it will squeak etc, it is TOTALLY natural and will also hide any small movement you do from above, to use a windmill is a fantastic idea that works.


20.                        Think about this as I laid it out here below, if you see this drawing you will see how my mind works – and if you are SERIOUS about killing jackal, you WILL ALSO do this! Check this out!!!!


If you have no wind mills make a few tall towers etc, they do work.

Lets say your farm is 5-7 kilos across, then put out say at 3 windmills and be about 1,5 kilos apart, then walk to all three every 2 hours apart. This way you will sweep most of your farm in 6 hours, and be able to call most of the areas.


Here we have what I like to use, my style to call, see caller to my side and behind me, when dog approaches I put OFF caller at that star, and kiss with my lips, he will stop, then it is time to close the deal. See my typical layout here. This is with a moon and using night vision. I try keep moon behind me.


Give this a try, if you are hesitant I say just try! I will get to insert a few pics soon of the actual set up.

Don’t knock this style – try it first!!



All contents copyright 2008. African Predator.